England -v- France in the World Cup Final!

I have, on occasion, been known for my opinions. Whether right or, as some may believe, wrong, I’m fond of expressing myself. This page hasn’t been much of a space for me to blast off into a rant I’m sure you’ll be happy to have read.

But, on my recent trip home, which I’m going to write about in a little while (maybe immediately after this), a question was asked by many. This question was, in some sense, a dilemma: If France played England in the World Cup Final, who would you be up for?

An English fan finds out the real reason they lost against Germany – because ‘we’ hate them!

Generally speaking, if I you would allow me to get all nationalist and general for a moment, we Irish hate England, and this is even more the case when it comes to sport, and with special reference to football we despise them (I reckon Scotland hates them more but that’s an altogether different article to share with ye maybe some other day).

And of course France were grand until Thierry Henry handled the ball and helped to pop the ball into the back of the Irish net eliminating us from the World Cup and quashing the dreams of a nation of underachievers once again. Not forgetting the audacity of the prick to turn around afterwards and admit his wrong-doing and attempt to side with Ireland. And with that, after years of ‘ah the French are alright, at least they could beat the English’, all has been turned on its head. Ireland now also hates France. It is fair to say that they are, dare I say, worse than England.

Fortunately, over the past week or two most of Ireland let out a long satisfied sigh of relief as both teams proved that being hated really does help your world cup prospects. It’s just as well that we Irelanders prefer to sit around and complain about the fact that no one will ever let us win!

4 thoughts on “England -v- France in the World Cup Final!

  1. In WC82 France was deprived of a final, at 1-1 second half, when the french bloke was smashed by the German GK in the box. The ball was already away, the French guy had his neck broken. The referee did nothing, no red card, no penalty. Later on, in extra time, after France had happened to lead 3-1, the German scored a goal, starting by TWO fools agaist French players. Goal allowed. Finally 3-3 and the German won at penalties.
    This is what I call been robbed, and in a very ugly way, which reminded us more serious German brutalities, and it was a place in final ! The game was done,France leading . The Irish weren’t even leading when Henry did its handball.
    In conclusion, after that, there was maybe one or two weeks of fuss about that in French papers, and it stopped. Never reached the point of English speaking French bashing (team of cheats, country of cheats, etc…) We just saw a double deliberate handball by Brazilian Luis Fabiano and why can’t I read “Brazilian cheats” everywhere ? The old English and new American hate of French makes the difference. If you’re honest you admit there are ref mistakes all around, and that’s what it was : a ref mistake.


    • A ref’s mistake indeed, and we’ll be hearing this excuse time and time again until some changes are made. The technology to prevent these mistakes has been there since 1982 but still football lingers (and suffers) behind the controversy that seems to give it more press than the beautiful game itself.

      It wouldn’t matter what country handled their way into the world cup on our behalf, what matters is France played about as well as they deserved to be there. Ireland had enough chances to beat France in Paris and Dublin but we didn’t and there’s nothing we can do about it, the world cup for both of us is over for another few years and this break will hopefully give us a chance to come back with a little more pride and a little less complaining (Ireland, France … and maybe England).

      On another note, a person is only labeled a cheat because they didn’t get caught, but if you don’t take the chance you’ll never know if you were going to get away with it, will you?

      Vive le chance 😉

      P.S. I think your confusing my footballing dislikes with English and American ignorance. If it wasn’t for French influence in Ireland, it would be an awful place to live, and I reckon I’m not alone in stating this.


  2. Allright, I’ve been to Ireland and I know and like the people there . That annoyed me more Henry did this to the Irish than ,say, English or Portuguese. But there’s a disproportion towards that handball. I can read months later complaints about it in British and American forums, and it’s used by the Yanks to add a weight on French, beside they are a nation of cowards they are now all cheats.
    When I remember the number of times when we could see blatant cheats leading to success I find this is too much . The usual French bashers have used this again and again and it made a nest now in ignorant people’s conscience .
    My concern is, in regards of what the dominant class is doing to all of us, I hope in a revolution, and I fancy the French as before able to start it one day . But a one-country revolution cannot work, and I’m sure the power will use everything negative about the French to prevent people in America, UK or Ireland from doing the same, you know with Fox News, The Sun,etc…
    If we are cowards and cheats, there’s no point being interested in what we have to show. I know this is far from football, but all this French bashing has gone very far from football too.
    Pardon me if you only thought of the game, but ,as I told ypu, every team has been a victim in its time, and not always the cheats showed some regret .


    • You’re right, it is very far from football, but I like what you’re saying! It as an area in which I would say “I have opinions”. I don’t know about France, but Ireland and South Korea are both influenced by England and the U.S. respectively and I can think of far better countries to look up to. In Ireland there are certain politicians who like to argue in favour of legislation with the line ‘Well, England has being doing it for your years” … how reassuring does that sound?

      As far as I can recall the American anti-Frenchness kicked in after 9-11 when the French (and German) governments put their hands up and said, ‘wait a minute, where’s the evidence’ when Bush decided that Saddam Hussein had an influence in the attacks on the World Trade Centre. England as a nation just has a problem with others who do things differently and are proud of it!

      I honestly didn’t know that the rest of the world was still rubbing salt in the wound (as far as I know Irish people are just looking for an excuse to complain). Every country has its own problems and we should stick to fixing our own problems before we start championing those of others. The sooner the world cops on to the hypocrisy of world’s elite the better!

      Who said football and politics don’t get on well?


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