Making do…

Woe of woes!

I was in town on Sunday and on the way into Itaewon from Jongno, my camera dissappeared! It wasn’t stolen, I don’t even remember when I had it last, but I know for definite when I didn’t have it!

To say that this is a shite buzz is an understatement.

Not only do I have no camera, I now have to buy a new one. And yes, I do HAVE TO buy a new one.

Fortunately there weren’t that many pictures saved on it but most of what I had planned for the next year in terms of taking pictures has now gone out the window until I can somehow land myself 1,000,000 won to buy a new camera. And yes, I do HAVE TO pay at least that much; it’s what I paid for the previous one four years ago.

You might be  thinking, ‘ah well, it’s four years old probably wasn’t that good anyway’; but it was, it was a good camera that was well worth the money I paid on it them. It had the quality that you pay for and it lasts regardless of how fast technology moves.

This is one of the reasons that I try to pay top dollar for technology when I buy it, because you (should) pay for quality – Of course let me also inform you that I don’t go out and buy technology that often due to being a closet technophobe and overspoken and hypocritical traditionalist.

Another reason I like having technologically things is that I’m a snob who likes to show off!

Anyway… the title of this post is ‘Making do…’, and that’s what this post is a showcase of my first efforts to make do with what I have at my disposal. Below is a clatter of photos from my phone and Herself’s phone. We do have a better camera than on our phones but these pictures are actually kind of good, and relevant, I do believe.

These two photographs were taken with my phone camera, not even sure if there’s a megapixel in the thing, but these photos turned out alright! Both were taken in mid-August after we skipped out for some sun and shine:

Jumunjin on the East Sea, as seen from Yeongjin Beach.The East Sea from Yeongjin Beach, August 2010

 These next few pictures are taken when I was level with the same spot, except I didn’t go down onto the beach because I’m a chicken shit. These were taken today (21/09/2010) at around 7pm:

Yeongjin Beach about twenty metres back from where we sat on those sunny August days (21/9/2010)

Yeongjin Beach, Gangwon-do Septeber 9, 2010

Apparently Jumunjin is behind the cloud... (Yeongjin Beach 21/9/2010)

It was fairly wild out, believe me. I don’t think the photos really do it justice.

As I said, I lost my camera on Sunday.

On the Saturday before the two of us went to Hwaseong, which is Suwon’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

(On a totally unrelated point, I noticed while searching for this on the UNESCO site that a few sites have been delisted. How is this possible? Seems like an odd decision. Incidentally, Ireland still only has two sites despite all the mannerisms in favour of making Tara a World Heritage Site after it has been ruined by the motorway they built on its doorstep – *rant over*).

I have a whole collection of great picks from a previous adventure that I’ll try and post at a later date, but for now, here are a few ones that were taken with both our phones just as the light was turning:

Not a puff on wind in the Evening; Hwaseong September 18, 2010


The pine and the flourescent mix: Green!


Downhill to Paldalmun; Hwaseong, September 18 2010

 Alright, alright, I know these pictures aren’t the quality that they should be (or it must be reiterated, the quality that I would like them to be), but please sympathise with me, I lost my camera and I’m doing my best to deal with this. Sorry for dumping my sympathy pleads with you!

One final photo, the nail in the coffin if you please. About forty minutes after this photo was taken with the camera on my phone, I looked around for my camera (or should I say, Herself had a look around for it), and bless us and save us, it was nowhere to be found!

This was the first of the day too: 

First of the day, Roofers in Itaewon at the SAN open mike!

Hopefully back to the normal complaints factory over the next few days after I’m over this trauma!

 Happy Chuseok everyone! 



2 thoughts on “Making do…

    • That’s what I was thinking. I had a Sony DSC-H5 (I think the model line has now extended to H20), and it was perfect for my needs, which basically means I didn’t have to learn too much to take great pictures.

      I reckon I will get a DSLR, but as I said, 1,000,000 won is hard to come by these days.

      My brother-in-law has offered to loan me his camera (another DSC model) for the time being so things don’t look too bad from a photography point of view…but still.


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