The Unofficial Official A-Z of the HBC Fest

***Correction: Clown that I am, I got conflustered and mixed my dates up. The HBC Fest is on October 9, no 10. Thanks Lance! Where would we be without you?***

The HBC Fest is one week away, and in honour of that I’m going to running (or at least I’m going to do my best to run) a piece a day about the festival, its past, its present, and what lies ahead in the future!

I’ve been involved in the festival since the very start back in 2006, I’ve seen the fest big and small, I’ve seen it with tears and with smiles. Despite a wee legger for a couple of fests, what with getting married and having to become more intelligent, I’m back as one the fest’s best friend!

Hopefully I can recount some of the best and most difficult times, not forgetting a few anecdotes for those who believe in it all!

To start it all off, here is my first post!

The Unofficial Official A-Z of the HBC Fest

A is for asshole, if you are one please stay at home

B is for bars, booze and bands…need I say more?

The Animal Dads (not actually playing at this festival) at the Fall Fest - courtesy of

C is for cars which shouldn’t even bother trying to drive through Haebangchon on October 9.

D is for dancing on the tables which I encourage but the bars may not be as enthusiastic!

E is for electricity because a lot is needed.

F is for falling down a hill which is something you should do your best not to do because everyone will laugh at you as there are few soft spots to cushion you.

G is for Gaynor, Jim Gaynor, who won’t be there but if it wasn’t for him…

H is for HBC where there’ll be music until around half seven, and then the usual drinking until 5am

HBC (and Lance's scooter) in ... well HBC

I is for incandescent, and yes the fest really is.

J is for Jakobys where they apparently have great burgers but I’ve never had one, however on October 10 they will have music from great acts like John Valentine, Two Guitars and the Goat Breeders.

K is for the Kimchee Cowboys who unfortunately won’t be at this festival.

L is for loud, don’t complain if it is (oh, L is also for Lance who organizes the whole thing but that’s not really important).

M is for memory or lack of it the next day.

N is for neighbours who throw mud and complain about performers they don’t like.

O is for Orange Tree, which has a new owner, and will have rapping and other revelry until the later hours of the evening.

P is for Phillies, two floors of it in fact, with great bands downstairs and acoustic acts upstairs; remember your dancing shoes, Sotto Gamba are on at 11!

Q is for questionable characters wandering the streets until all hours but what’s new? It is Haebangchon.

R is for rooftops where you will might find secret barbecues, a great birds eye view of the street,  or armies of ajumma preparing an attack on the fest.

Haebangchon - Where the magic happens!

S is for Ssen which doesn’t exist in body but will lie deep in our hearts for time immemorial.

T is for t-shirts which you buy for around …eh not sure but I have more than I’ve had post-fest hangovers (C: this is a nice way of supporting the festival which has been provided to you for free for the past …eh…eh….lost count… four or five years)

U is for underground where most of the beautiful loud noise and festival sweat can be found.

V is for the VFW, the biggest venue with the biggest sound system and the biggest toilet; these vets really do things big!

W is for water which is for quitters.

X is for xylophone because I’ve never seen one at this festival.

Y is for yellow t-shirt from the first festival; I’ll be wearing mine for definite!

Z is for zero, the amount of money/brain cells/memories/condoms/enemies/negative waves one is expected to have after this festival.


Please support the HBC Fest’s partners

*New Phillies*

*Jakoby’s Burgers*



*Orange Tree*

*Le’ Vert*

*Deeleebob Music*


*Pita Time*

*Groove Magazine*

*Kobawoo Supermarket*

Where to find the HBC Fest!

“Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?”
– St. Oddball

(As with some previous posts, feel free to share it with others as much as you like, but remember who wrote it. Sure ye wouldn’t like it if I did it to you! Sound.)

3 thoughts on “The Unofficial Official A-Z of the HBC Fest

  1. Excellent A-Z Con!
    It is sad but true, due to technical difficulties this is the first Fest without the Kimchi Cowboys.
    We will be there in spirit however…
    Keep on rockin’ me, baby!


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