HBC Fest: The Beauty of Hatred

Today’s post comes directly from the good people down at The Three Wise Monkeys webzine (I am not a wise monkey, nor a monkey, nor am I wise although I aspire to the status).

Why I Hate the HBC Fest.

by Me.

The HBC Fest, which apparently stands for Hae-bang-chon (how creative), is being unofficially renamed by me as the Hardly Bothered Coming Festival®, and I am going to tell you why!

Before I start complaining about it, I just want to let you know that I’m sick of it already! You’d think that after four years people would know about it and I’d have the freedom to spend my time looking for something better to do when the time comes around. It makes me feel like I have a stutter every October and May and I end up having to repeat myself in a different way. Well it’s not my fault; I know everything about it already.

For starters, the bands are all new! Why should I be bothered coming and listening to music I’ve never heard before? I remember back in the day when I was a household name and leaves whispered ‘there’s Conzie’ as I passed, I knew all the bands, great bands, but none of them exist anymore (except for LRD), they all left, they left and went home! And it’s because of this that I refuse to like any more bands! Yeah, yeah, I know some of the bands have mixed and matched to form Super-Bands, but they’ll never be as good as Led Zeppelin, so why do they bother?

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Please support the HBC Fest’s partners

*New Phillies*

*Jakoby’s Burgers*



*Orange Tree*

*Le’ Vert*

*Deeleebob Music*


*Pita Time*

*Groove Magazine*

*Kobawoo Supermarket*

Where to find the HBC Fest!

“Why don’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?”
– St. Oddball

(As with some previous posts, feel free to share it with others as much as you like, but remember who wrote it. Sure ye wouldn’t like it if I did it to you! Sound.)

2 thoughts on “HBC Fest: The Beauty of Hatred

  1. Funny post. Love the ‘Hardly Bothered Coming’ title, but then again if you have the right attitude you can have fun anywhere you go.


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