Excuses are like arseholes…

If an apology is what is required, then I apologise to those of you who may have grown accustomed to revelling in the wizardry of my ramblings here on If I Had a Minute to Spare I Would Probably Say Something Like This, those of you who have been left waiting, wanting, crying for more, if I may venture an excuse… I was busy.

Actually, not really busy with my real job or should I say not as busy as I should be, but busy with the life of trying to be cool again.

I’ve been contributing regularly to a fair few magazines and newspapers here in Korea as of late, notably Groove, 10, and the Korea Times. Snobs among you may comment on the quality and on how easy it may be to get printed in any of these publications. And, you may comment away, as I’m happy being busy doing something I really enjoy even if it pays me nothing and receives little in the way of kudos among the literati.

Inallandanyways, a couple of other things have gotten in the way. There was of course the HBC Fest, which I had great plans for, but ended up getting rat arsed and allowed all good intentions to float away with my farts in the sweet Namsan breeze. It really was a quality session, personally speaking, and I reckon I saw more bands than ever before. Credit has to be given to Lance, the fest’s organiser who forced me into responsibility. The conversation went like this:

Conzie: Hey Lance, all going well?

Lance: Yeah.

Conzie: Busy?

Lance: (just looks at me and blinks)

Conzie: Right. Listen man, if there is any more I can do to help out today, just name it. You’ve got my experience here and while I can’t be as involved as I used to be, I’d love to help.

Lance: Cool. You can sell T-shirts.

Conzie: Aww fuck no! I can’t do that! No way man, fuck, selling? No man. T-shirts? Fuck. Is there anything cooler I can do?

Lance: (just looks at me and blinks)

Conzie: Plleeeeaaaase?

Lance: Here’s a camera. Go and record every act.

Conzie: Woohoo! Wait every act?

Lance: (Just looks at me and blinks)

Conzie: Yes sir!

…and with a click of my heels and salute to the captain, off I trotted on my media adventure that would put Alice in Wonderland to shame. Truth be told, Lance fortunately took the camera off me after seeing me up dancing to Josh Roy, the reggae guy. He also, no doubt, heard me referring to him as the next Jimmy Cliff… Wise man, Lance, wise.

Anyway, great session. Twelve hours of booze and live tunes. Not to mention hearing all Mississippi Dave’s stories from hitch-hiking around Europe. He would put most twenty-somethings to utter shame with his tales of wanton abandon to convention. A lesson for all cool people can always be found within five minutes talkin’ to Dave(for those of you who don’t Dave, he’s older than my ould fella, and he was talking about some adventures around five years ago. Genius).

Inallandanyways, Sunday had the Seoul Céilí on at last. Great day, great turnout, must of had at least a thousand people coming through the gates. All the dancers and musicians got a wonderful tribute, none more so than Irish traditional music:

“I don’t mean to be arrogant, but Ireland has the best traditional music in the world” – John Lee (Needless to say, John is a modest Corkman. And I suppose John, Cork has the best traditional music in Ireland?)

I spent most of the time taking names for people to sign up for the IAK and selling t-shirts. I reckoned that there would be a chance I would fall flat on my face from refiring up the drink in my belly from the day before. At least that was my excuse.

And since then, well the week has seen me catch up on all the work I was neglecting because I had so much fun last week trying to get a post a day in on the upcoming HBC Fest….which I almost managed.

Inallandanyways, planning to get some things to over the next couple of weeks including

  • October’s Letter from Korea
  • Something about trying to know what a hipster is.
  • Possibly a post or two about music, I’ve been listening to so much more over the past few months as I’ve done for the past year or so.
  • Definitely something enquiries into writing, where it comes from, and the pleasure it is supposed to bring.
  • Plenty of commentary on Korea and the life of an Irishman within it.

Talk t’ye

The Riddler

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