Home Sweet Home!

*Please note, this post has nothing to do with my last post*

In a week, this won’t matter any more…

I am happy to say that we are finally moving. For those of you who don’t know, our little apartment, while cosy…ish, is a bit of a disaster. Yes, we know better than to blame anyone else – we picked the place.

It’s brand new and not really that bad but since we’ve moved in there has been problem after problem after problem.

Allow me to digress.

To start with, the living room and bedroom windows look out onto this:

A lovely view of the screen that stops the people who live in the apartment opposite from looking in at us, and from us looking in at them. Among other complaints, there’s next to no sunlight during winter, and during the summer there’s no breeze…

Fair enough, we knew this would be the case when we moved in.

The fun really kicked in during last summer. Apparently the nice builder who always smiled at me but never to herself did a shite job.

When it rained heavily there was a leak in the wall tiles outside and we had a nice stream and drip of water from the windows in both living room and bedroom. Our landlord turned up in his Porsche and proceeded to manufacture a drainage system so the water could channel down the window and out a little hole he drilled in the bottom of the window frame, as opposed to dripping and soaking all our stuff, including ruining a few books belonging to me. The builder eventually turned up and repaired the wall, which was nice.

Not long after this we get a phonecall: ‘Hi there, it seems that there’s a leak coming from your bathroom into the premises (which was and still is empty), we need to know when you’ll be going away for a few days so we can come in and tear your bathroom to shreds so we can fix our shoddy workmanship’. Usually, I would advocate a ‘go fuck yourself’ stance in matters like this, but we happened to be going away quite regularly so we relented. When we came back the bathroom looked fine until I took a shower – the drain had been blocked with the cement they had used to repair the leak. Fantastic! So, I got down with a chopstick and unblocked it. Which was nice.

All this time the builders across the road, around the corner, and in the street behind us were hard at work every morning from around 6am, when it was still cool. The usually started work diligently loud, throwing scaffolding on top of scaffolding and drilling holes in concrete. The way this lil’ hood is designed allowed for this racket to reverberate all over the place so at the best of times it sounded like this was being done outside out window. It being the middle of summer, the window was left open so we wouldn’t suffocate from the heat. Having to close the window was a wonderful experience and ruined my lie-on every day of the week – oh, I forgot to mention, the builders worked Monday to Monday. Who said unions were bad for society?

Anyway…things normalised for a while.

Recently we have discovered that there is another leak above us. This leak runs straight through our bathroom (the best place for a leak you might say, there or in a good bush if you’re on the way home from the pub). We first noticed something was strange when we turned off the light and all the lights in the apartment tripped off at the same time. So we left the light on for a month and a half and went about our daily business – the landlord said that we should change the light bulb or something, but in fairness, does he think I’m that thick?

We soon noticed that all the wallpaper around the light switch was damp. Ah-ha, an explanation perhaps! Eventually a sparks turned up and had a look. He took away the light switch cover and discovered this:

Take a nice close look at that. All the nice sparkly bits is my flash reflecting off the water. Even the sparks remarked that ‘that is a lot of water’, and for someone from Ireland I thought that this was a lot of water.

That was only half the fun. We went away for Korean New Year, and when we came back I turned on the light to go for a leak only to discover that our leak had made further gains in its invasion of our life – the light cracked and fizzled and sputtered into life and continued to fizzle away, kind of the sound you’d expect before you get an electrical fire. Lovely says us.

So we pissed and shat in the dark for a few days not to mention an exciting shower in the half-light of the door open and my iphone’s led flash.

The sparks returned and proceeded to dismantle the light. As soon as he took down the shade about a cupful of water fell with it, and we all went, ‘ahhhh’ (more in a ‘well that explains it’ way, rather than a ‘jesus we’re all going to die’ way). As he was reconstructing a temporary solution, he touched the cieling panels and, sure I’ll let the photos provide the entertainment:

It doesn’t look as bad now that most of the snow has melted, but then again I haven’t really checked…

So anyway, that was loads of fun, but at least we have light in the bathroom now so showers aren’t as scary but taking time to think isn’t as much fun as it was in the dark…

So, anyway much of this problem has been caused by the melting of the snow which fell last December. And with the melting of the snow and seven degree centigrade weather we’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed with recently that lovely patch of land next door to us has finally been accosted.

Scaffolding poles and other bits and pieces belonging to builders appeared there this morning. It’s just as well, I was wondering when the rats would wake from hibernation and start to compete with the magpies for the scraps that were left out to feed them.

The plot next door - that'll be the scaffolding et all in the middle and the scraps kindly left out for the starving vermin to your right.

More of the patch of land next door - those would be the cabbages that got frozen over in mid-December, and the stuff below has been there since we moved in.

Not much else to be said on this.

Oh, yes before I forget, not a moment too soon I suppose. We move out next week! Yay.

We’ll be far away from any of this nonsense, why? We’ll be on the twentieth floor with a big green (in the summer obviously) mountain next door and walking distance from work, and I mean a healthy thirty minute determined walk, as opposed to the dozy five minute stagger of my hagwon days.

Expect some sort of diatribe detailing this in the near future.

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