White Day

If you read mylast post you will be familiar with White Day.

During my first White Day – maybe not on or after or before the day but at some stage close to it – I wrote this little poem.


White Day

A day for the ladies they say
Because they made the first move in February.
Chocolates or flowers, silver or gold
To prove to the maiden intentions aren’t bold.
Dinner for two over candlelight
and a stroll by the river late into the night,
kiss by a fountain for the first time
then wrapped-up in arms wait for a chime.
This day is made for the women
who change the beat of our hearts with adrenalin.


© Conor O’Reilly 2006

2 thoughts on “White Day

  1. Connorman,

    Love yer blogin
    straight from yer noggin
    yer quite the thinker, and writer, and bobbin
    yer head round here and yer eses round there
    from korea to ireland ta japan and ‘knows wheres
    with ‘riginal views
    that beat the blues
    and help me ferget me cares

    don’t criticize this bad poem; me ghost assistant’s feelings will be hurt


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