Christmas has Arrived!

Well jingle all the way! Christmas arrived just before the cherry blossoms – I was beginning to get worried.

Of course, while getting my main Christmas present was a wonderful achievement in its own right, the actual present is also rather interesting. Following relays of emails to and from Ireland and the U.S. (but more than likely an automated response teller based in Lahore or somewhere like that) my years subscription for the New Yorker arrived only three months late. Whose fault it was shall remain buried in the annals of poxy online ordering systems and poor familial communications.

Getting this subscription was a shot in the dark, I won’t lie. I had heard of few people who had subscribed to magazines here in Korea. Most people I know in Korea have long resorted to the online variety. I wouldn’t blame them after the hassle I went through to get my first copy. But after actually taking the thin papered periodical in the toilet for a long “think” when I got home from work, I realised I had made a good decision. There’s a lot to be said for having an actual magazine in paper in your hands. It has a good feel, it has lots of little classifieds and listings of a different variety (incidentaly, The New Yorker’s are at the front – what’s more important I suppose?) but mostly for shows and things I will never see, then there are articles that I would never consider reading but given such a prominent place in the magazine I could end up educating myself on the cultural significance of women’s footwear. And that is just from the first issue I’ve recieved. If this was online I would probably skip by most of these and not even read the entire magazine because there’s only so much screen reading I can do. What’s more, I can’t take the computer into the toilet…at least not all the time.

There’s an ad in or around the middle claiming that magazine subscriptions and renewals are rising every year. I can see why. It’s big, well presented, colourful and will fold nicely into my pocket not slow me down when running for the bus, among other things. I also feel rather sophisticated.

So. That’s it. I’m excited. About what? More stuff to read? Probably. Or just a new experience. I will let you know in a year if I renew my subscription.

Tomorrow I buy my monocle.

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