Normal Service Could Be Resumed

I’m back from Ireland!

Not many minutes were sparable. Not much was written. Oh well.

Inallandanyways (as they say), myself and herself just finished a long break from the land of the morning madness, Korea. Two months for some wouldn’t be called a holiday more an adventure, I think, especially when you can’t afford it. Of course calling it an adventure isn’t a fair description because I only went to around two places I’d never been to before in my life, so there goes any chance of an exciting story.


We missed, what I have gathered, was a miserably wet and humid Korean summer, so wet that herself’s uncle’s grapes aren’t doing too well (yes, he grows grapes) what with the lack of sunshine. We returned to a letterbox full of bills and an electronic door lock that didn’t work properly, fortunately not due to the use of a crowbar as a means of opening the door whilst we were away. Most of our plants are still alive courtesy of our wonderful local plant watering friends. However, there is no toilet roll in the apartment and this could remain the case as I certainly don’t fancy hauling 32 rolls up twenty floors – I’m imaging the lift will break the moment I walk up to it with said jacks roll!


I took what was an extended and unplanned break not only from work and Korea, but also from writing. Not much happened at all to be honest. I finished off a few stories and articles and sent them on to their respective sources at the start of July, some of which will hopefully be appearing in print soon, but aside from a few blog posts I did feck all. It was great. So for those of you who have become accustomed to the wisdom that flows from these simple pages, I apologise to the extent that I really wish you don’t sit around waiting for more of my wisdom to materialise. I still love the attention however. And I love you, too. Platonically.


Kind of odd going home for a long time after a long time. It had been over a year since I’d been in Ireland last, which isn’t really a long time, but I often get distracted when I am home. There are a few reasons for this but most of it revolves around seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses. Ireland is always an interesting place, and Dublin is still one of my favourite cities, but when you’re walking around trying to sample all its delights it can be fairly crap when you don’t have much money, you don’t have your own car (Dublin Bus anyone? No. Thought so.), and all my friends were busy with their own lives and, unlike when I was in my youth, the world didn’t stop on my return home. Which is fine by me.


Coming back to Korea is always a little daunting. One thing that really turns me off coming back to Korea is the flight. I’m not sure why, but in an aeroplane many Korean’s seem to believe that the no electronic equipment and other repeated warnings aren’t for them because of some unwritten rule. I suppose all the misbehaviour (for want of a better word) points to the fallacy of the rules and regulations attached to passengers when flying, but I’d hate to be around if there was an accident because of it. I could go on about travelling in Korea a lot here but it would probably get me unnecessarily wound up. It was nice to return to my nice apartment up in the sky and I’m excited about lying down in my bed which is far better than any of the beds I was traversing over the past few months. Two months were great not doing work, but it’s good to be back to the possibility of routine and the possibility of chance – not many chances come when you’re doing nothing, right?


I should have jet lag sooner or later so I should really go to bed with the possibility of some form of normal service being resumed.

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