Autumn leaves in Chuncheon and Gangchon

A couple of weeks ago, myself, Herself, and a few friends took a weekend excursion down Chuncheon and Gapyeong in Gangwon-do. It hadn’t really been our idea to catch the autumn leaves, but fortunately we arrived right at the ideal time to really see the bright multi-coloured autumn which Korea prides itself on.

The set below posted on flickr is the first collection of photographs taken of this trip.

While there, we took a few short walks. The first included a short boat trip and then a light stroll up along a river towards a temple, Cheongpyeongsa. The last time that I was here I came with Herself during the winter. The river and the waterfall were frozen over and this created a stunning winter wonderland of faded brown leaves, grey stone and the white of the ice. I dragged out an old photo that Herself took of me back then.

Myeslf in the same location in 2006

The second day we took another wander, this time in Gangchon up to see the Nine Curves Waterfall. Again, there was plenty of scenic autumnal material for photographing, including a very garrulous chipmunk which got almost as much attention as the waterfall.


The damThe resevoirNobody lives in here.Ferry dock in the resevoirThe river through the treesAlready fallen
DSC04737DSC04738Picnic timeWaterfall #1Waterfall #2Grotto and rocks
That waterfall which used to be frozen.This isn't a warning.Wishing rocksDownstreamGingkos stop shortLanterns for luck
Best wishes for the seasonTogether to prayStepsRoofsInside the templeGable and trees

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