I’m angry. I’m full of piss and vinegar and I just want to vent it all over the place. But, I’m not going to. I’m going to accept what it is as what it is and allow it all to flow like a river, or something else flowy, and let everything end up as it does. Somewhere, be it happy or sad.

I’ve been debating with myself what to do here: should I rant on about all the shite that I come across on my day to day dealings with the world, or should I try to see things a little more positively and look at life and the world as the eclectic manifestation it actually is? Here’s my dilemma. I don’t want to do either of these.

Why? Shite is shite and it should be called what it is. The world is messed up with so much wrong in it, and if we never question these things then they will always stay the same. If you disagree, piss off back into a hole. As long as humans are involved in this planet there will always be disagreement, that’s why politics and religion were invented, to fuel our hunger for lunacy and dissension. But that’s not why I’m angry, or why I’m venting.

But today, courtesy of Mr Roboseyo, an article that appeared on the twitterverse  from Forbes titled How To Be More Interesting (In Ten Simple Steps) brought me spiralling gracefully back down to earth. The list is pretty straight forward and I’m fairly sure that I’ve expressed these same opinions before, maybe not here but quite likely in the real world. What got me the most was the commentary:

  1. The inside of the echo chamber is where all the boring people hang out.
  2. Let [people] live vicariously through your adventures.
  3. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re doing it. Sitting around and complaining is not an acceptable form of ‘something,’ in case you were wondering.
  4. No one is normal.
  5. If you don’t give a damn about anything, no one will give a damn about you.
  6. If your arrogance is more obvious than your expertise, you are someone other people avoid.
  7. Try it out. Play around with a new idea. Do something strange.
  8. Do your own thing, and others will hop onto the spiffy wagon you built yourself.
  9. If you’re not courageous, you’re going to be hanging around the water cooler, talking about the guy who actually is.
  10. Boring is safe, and you will be told to behave yourself.

And a little bit of commentary and elaboration from yours truly:

  1. Make the sound. Be echoing.
  2. Doesn’t have to be Indiana Jones…
  3. Complaining won’t solve anything or make your life better. If you don’t like it, do something better or ignore it. It won’t go away.
  4. …except for people who try so hard to prove they are different.
  5. Opinions are great.
  6. Be humble in your know-it-all-ness.
  7. Who knows, you might find something you like…
  8. But remember, show that you are doing your own thing otherwise no one will ever notice (keep in mind #6)
  9. Consider this from a micro-perspective first.
  10. Rules are there to be broken.

What got me the most in this list was number three. This really sunk in more than the rest.

“Complaining won’t solve anything” is a personal motto of mine. I’m always trumping this over anything when it comes to blathering on about personal philosophies, because I generally do my best to adhere to it. For all the giving out you do, what can it actually achieve? That being said, I’m an awful moaner. I give out about everything. Ask Herself.

Of course, complaining can achieve something  if enough people mobilise and see that these complaints are listened to, but unless you really get up and bang someone’s head very little will actually be achieved. Complaining can often be a good way to relieve stress and to feel better about yourself. But as the article in Forbes says, people probably don’t want to hear about. Chances are that the majority of people you meet have their own problems to worry and complain about. So yeah, scream into a jar in future.

“Action speaks louder than words” is obviously a cliché, but there is truth in it. Your life won’t get better if you keep begging for something to happen, you have to remove the thumb and see about moulding your existence into something significant which you can be proud of. There is no one who will do this for you. If you have someone who does this for you, unless you’re seven or something, please don’t read my blog ever again because I don’t want to be associated with you.

As I said, I’m angry. I am pissed off and full of venom. For what reasons I don’t know. I don’t even have anything to be really angry about. It’s just the shit around me that bothers me. This stuff is usually people related. Maybe living in a city doesn’t suit me. Maybe I should get more sleep. Maybe I should stop thinking so much. Maybe I should do something about me being angry and just chill the fuck out. I’m thinking Thailand or Malaysia. My bank account is thinking stay exactly where you are pal. My credit card is winking at me suggestively, with that smug  ‘you know you want to’ look on its face. Herself might deck me if we stay here all winter.

But I’m not going to go on about this, or any of the other stuff. I’m going to get on with my life and try to do it as happily and as positively as I can. I’m going to do things I like doing, like writing poems, enjoying quality time with Herself (currently comatose in the scratcher beside me as I write), having a pint, having vibrant and intelligent human conversation with interesting people (see above), travelling, exploring, tasting new food, and keeping in touch with old friends from Ireland and Korea whom I miss a lot.

If being as happy as can be means getting rid of or avoiding all the stuff that infuriates me, then I will happily do so.

So first things first, no more poxy fuckin’ K pop!

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