What’s in my bag?

Heading into Seoul today, February 19, 2012.


– 2 New Yorker magazines
– 2 leather soft-back A6 Moleskine notebooks
– 1 book In the Palm of your Hand by Steve Kowit
– 1 poetry book Black Moon by Matthew Sweenry
– 1 Penguin Classic book Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges
– 1 summer issue of The SHOp poetry magazine
– 1 Starbucks 2012 diary and day planner
– 1 spiral bound paper backed notebook
– Several sheets of white A4 paper with all kinds of notes, poems in construction, sketches etc.
– 1 large white envelope with letters from assorted financial institutions in Ireland.
– 1 round Zip-Lock Tupperware tub with sliced carrot, apple, and kiwi pieces inside.
– 1 Schaefer fountain pen
– 1 white Gangeung-si click pen
– 1 mechanical pencil
– 1 HB pencil
– 1 brown leather Bally wallet
– 1 set of keys with 2 x USB keys and one stainless steel Scott’s terrier key ring
– 1 iPhone 4 32GB
– 1150 Korean Won

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