Highrise Farming

Up here on the twentieth floor, myself and Herself are quite fond of the daily dose of sunlight we are lucky enough to be provided with, not to mention the all too frequent magnificent sunsets, a few of I’ve catalogued for your viewing pleasure:





With all this fantastic sunlight, we have taken to some highrise gardening, that is, planting some plants and growing them in our home on the twentieth floor. Some of our plants are now over a year old, so happy birthday to them and all that…

Anyway, it being spring (but feeling like summer to be honest) we have undertaken another venture: we are now growing plants which will, hopefully at some stage in the next few months, start to grow nice things to eat!

We started off with some rocket, basil, and coriander, and with the exception of the basil, these are doing quite well.


This afternoon while most people I know we’re busy in their offices and classrooms, I had my hands deep in the earthy goodness of prepackaged fertilised soil, as I filled several pots and one big styrofoam container with enough soil for our aspiring farm to prosper (I hope).

Over the next few months I shall be tending to my new pets; cherry tomatoes, green chillies, and lettuce!

Yum, yum!



I just wish I could be as hopeful about my basil (singular).


5 thoughts on “Highrise Farming

  1. We’ve got some carrots and radishes on the go on our balcony, proper purple and white radishes, not those thing the size of turnips that they have over here. I’m looking forward to just pulling up a carrot or two whilst they are small and eating them raw fresh from the ground. It will be like being seven years old again.


    • That’s amazing! How do you manage to grow carrots? My tomatoes are struggling to take off from that styrofoam box, I can’t imagine the time it would take to grow radishes and carrots!


  2. This is our first try with carrots. We’ve got them in a couple of plastic troughs, but they probably arent deep enough. When the foliage gets a bit bigger we’ll try and thin them out into a bigger container. I’ve actually no idea how long they will take, my plan is just to pull one up every now and again to see how that are getting on.

    We have tried some tomatoes from seed, at least I think they are tomatoes, we forgot to label them and it’s possible they might be beetroot. I’m thinking that buying small tomato plants might have been a better idea.


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