Photos of Korea 2007-2008

I’ve taken hundreds of photos over the years in Korea. I’ve noticed my style and ability to frame better pictures improve, and especially I’ve noticed that I take more better pictures (yes I know this is a matter of opinion).

I’ve always found Korea a fantastic and exciting location to photograph. There’s so much to see and it’s always changing, and while many parts of the cities and even countryside may not be aesthetically beautiful, there’s so much that can be done photographically. Over the past year I’ve increasingly found myself taking pictures of urban spaces, but before it was different. These photos mostly deal with the countryside and nature, with the occasional city shot. Maybe that’s because that’s what I thought photography was all about.

Since I came back to Korea in 2010 I’ve had this blog and I’ve shared many of my recent photographs as I take them. Before I left in 2008, I think that myself and Herself went everywhere in Korea, and sometimes to the same place twice. I think I always had my camera with me. I had a rummage through my old folders of photographs and pulled out some of the better ones. As I said, my ability to take more better quality pictures has improved, so it was hard to find some which I thought were good enough.

I’d like the to give a special shout out of thanks to the photographers whose photographs I’ve been enjoying which have allowed me to develop my present style. Notably in Korea, The Bobster and Liz Groeschen at Seoul Suburban.

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I hope you enjoy these. I’ve tried to caption them with a location where possible. If you would like to know more about any of these photographs, please leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Photos of Korea 2007-2008

  1. Whoa, dude, thanks for the love. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing with a camera most of the time. Just having fun, really.

    Some of these shots are stellar, and the rest are just super cool. Unfortunately, I think the slideshow device stretches some images. People are better off clicking through to your flickr page.

    Lady of the Crowd


    • Actually, these pictures aren’t on my Flickr page. I started of my Flickr page about a year or two ago when I deleted my Facebook account…which I recently reactivated (long story).


    • I see what you mean about the images getting stretched now. Did you use an iPhone or iPad to look at them, because they looked alright originally when I posted it on my laptop….


  2. While searching for info on Korea in preparation for a trip there for two weeks in September, I came across your blog. My wife is Korean American but we haven’t been there for many years (both U of Hawaii grads with family in Honolulu where we usually visit). We will stay outside Seoul where my wife’s sister and husband live. Photography is my hobby and I really enjoyed your photos! I was stationed at Osan AFB 1964-65; I posted photos from that time in my galleries at that you might find interesting; there is such a contrast. Thank you again for your blog and posting the pictures.


    • Thanks for your comment, but also thanks even more for the link to your photos! I think I saw a few signs saying Suwon, which is where I live, and also the water bridge is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Old photos always show a contrast, but with Korea the difference is always so stark. I have a f.riend who was here in the seventies with the Peace Corp and he took lots of photos too, but as its the seventies you can see a little bit more development.


  3. Thank you for looking at my photos and responding. I knew some were from Suwon and had recently look at various sites on that city. I could not believe the wall and fort….I think only part of the wall was there in the 60s. I had planned to print some of the pictures and take them with me and, if possible, go to Suwon and repeat the picture from the same position, as best I could. I would really like to visit the water bridge again since it is beautiful and one of the better photos I have. I have several books using that approach, e.g. Hawaii, Washington n Dc, and some of the places at Gettysburg battle field. The funeral possession is that of Syngman Rhee; I happened to be in Seoul when they brought his body there for burial. Thanks again…..I will continue to explore your site and recommended blogs and such.


    • Well you can rest assured the wall is in good condition. Walking around it is well worth it, and it will only take you a couple of hours. I highly recommend it.


  4. I love your photos and having the captions with the locations will be a great help as my husband and I plan our trip to Korea in September. Colors and patterns at the market scenes are my favorites. I’m Bill
    Birdsong’s wife and hope we will have time to visit Suwon and other places mentioned in your blog. I left Korea when I was 8 and have been back several times (my sister lives in Seoul) but t has been years since we were in Korea together. We are very excited about the trip. Thank you for your insights as well as the wonderful photos.



    • Thanks Susie. With the photos from 07-08 I think I’ve forgotten where many were taken. With more recent photos I try to keep them batched together. If you like, you can visit my Flickr page (the address is in a comment above this) which may have more detailed captions and also map locations.

      Really happy that you liked my photographs, and I hope you enjoy your visit to Korea in September.


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