“Web” by Chris Westray – www.westrayart.com

A very good friend of mine, and someone who I’ve known as long as I’ve known Korea, Chris Westray, is a fantastic film maker, who not only makes short films but also, importantly, does most of his best work animating his own fantastic shorts that are very very, well, interesting – which is an understatement. I won’t even dare to explain them because, well firstly I can’t, but also much of Chris’s work requires the viewer to try to explain and understand each film themselves.

He spends hours individually crafting, photographing, moving, shifting, twisting, photographing again, and digitally connecting and twisting all these images into a moving series of images. It really is amazing to see the finished project and his level of commitment is inspiring. It is a true shame that his films don’t get the viewership they deserve.

Chris has been putting together this series of films over the years, and it has finally reached completion (I think). Take a look at the most recent creation, Web, followed by the four previous efforts; Emergence, Blocks, Need, and Shy.

I am big fan of Chris’s work, not only because he’s a good friend, but also because his films offer a healthy dose of What the Fuck is Going On Here, and I think everyone could do with plenty of that in their life…just to keep things interesting.

Visit his website www.westrayart.com for more fun!


Web – 2012

Emergence – 2011

Blocks – 2009

Need – 2008

Shy – 2007

For further shits and giggles and a bit of my own harmless self promotion, here a short myself and Chris put together back in 2010 ish called Hairdressers Are To Dangerous For Boys. This short was originally a piece of flash fiction and it will be appearing in Flash Flood Journal online day of flash fiction this Wednesday at around 3 pm Irish/UK time – which is about 11 pm Korean time.

Hairdressers Are To Dangerous For Boys – 2010

2 thoughts on ““Web” by Chris Westray – www.westrayart.com

  1. Hey man
    Good blogging
    Have you ever though of publishing a book about Koreans?
    Hey how do y deal with the jealous women?
    My ex was super duper jealous …..it can be a bit much
    Any chance of y and the misses going back to Ireland…has herself Been to Ireland .?


    • I’ve thought about writing a book about Korea…or more me in Korea.

      Herself is a big fan of Ireland and we are optimistic about spending some time back in Ireland rat-racing away. When that happens will remain to be seen.


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