Questions Worth Answering

These are questions I ask myself regularly:

  1. In what year will I win the Nobel Prize?
  2. How old will I be before I actually can relax about money?
  3. How will I die?
  4. How many countries will I visit before I can no longer visit any more?
  5. Will I ever get to travel in space?
  6. What will I witness going extinct?
  7. How different will my life be in 30 years?
  8. Will my parent’s lives be comparable with my own life?
  9. What country will I live in next?
  10. What will +1 look like when she is twenty?
  11. What am I really afraid of?
  12. Is there a chance that I will actually do what I say I will?
  13. Is Ireland really as bad off as they say it is?
  14. When will I every learn to manage my time effectively?
  15. Why am I suddenly fascinated by science, science fiction, medical development and  , and life, among other subjects which never interested me before.
  16. How is it that unoriginal sounding music is so popular?
  17. Why did the coffee pot in my office break?
  18. Will I win the computer in the essay competition I entered a week or two ago?
  19. Does anyone other than me care about what I have to say?
  20. Will I ever managed to get some poems published without having to beg, borrow, and steal to do so?

There’s a prize for the first person to answer all of these correctly.

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