Happy Christmas from If I Had a Minute to Spare

Over here at If I Had A Minute To Spare towers we are gradually tuning away from the normal humdrum business of changing and feeding +1 and hoping to celebrate our first Christmas together as a family. It’s unlikely +1 will remember it, but Herself and I shall, so it’s an exciting week ahead.

Not much else to say but wish you and all your family a very happy Christmas, and all the best for 2013.

Hope to have lots more blogging activity sent your way in the new year, and thanks again for reading!

Here’s a few shots of our tree, including pressies – most of which are for +1 (increasingly difficult to refer to my new child as this however I shall persevere for now)!

2012-12-22 11.08.46

2012-12-22 11.09.23

2012-12-22 11.08.26


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