In Dublin

Today was the twentieth day of August, 2013. On this day, myself and Herself went to Dublin. Here are some of the things we saw.

Words will follow shortly.
























I use a Nikon D5100 to take these photos, with either an 18-55mm or 35mm lens attached. Photos will be uploaded in more detail to my flickr page, but for now please enjoy them here.

All photographs copyright of Conor O’Reilly 2013. Reproduction without permission is forbidden.

4 thoughts on “In Dublin

  1. I like the bw street scenes that come at the end but I’m also entranced by the guy with his back to camera, tan pants, in front of the two slid-down doors. The colors going on with that one send me.


    • That’s a cool one for sure. I was actually only going to put up black and white but that would have meant I’d have to leave at the majority of the photos from Moore St, and that just wasn’t going to happen.


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