One thought on “Always Into the Clear Blue Sky

  1. From the way you describe the view you have from your window ( minus the mountain) Conor’s picture reflect exactly what I see in my mind’s eye when I imagine Seoul. I hope that you have at least a couple of days every week when you an actually see a blue sky. The picture reminds me of what the Pittsburgh of my youth resembled before the steel mills were put out of commission because Japan figured out how to pour steel more economically. Aaron and Di are on their way to the Apostle Islands to go on a two mile hike which will take them to a cave which, every ten years or so, becomes covered with stalagtites. (Google: Apostle Island, Wi. Stalagtites cave for pics) this will be the first time your brother has had any exercise since your wedding; I hope that Di does not end up carrying him the last mile. I’m so excited, I get the house to myself for 30 hours. Who knows what havoc I can I manage while he’s gone. The refrigerator has several science projects, the garbage–which I started to remove until aa screamed: STOP DOING MY JOB! ?? But, what can he really do? Bring the garbage back in and restock the fridge? This place is beginning to resemble Aa’s apt when he lived with Gus and Co. But times awastin, up and atum.

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