Monochrome Seoul

I don’t get into Seoul as much as I’d like to. Although recently I’ve been fortunate enough to hit up the tourist trails around Myeong-dong. I miss the big city. The feeling you get as you’re lost in a tidal wave of more people. I miss the main streets, and the side streets. I miss looking up from the cavern floor of a canyon of highrise. I miss getting lost in a world of alleys and emerging and finding my way around because it’s just Seoul.

Here are a few shots I took recently uploaded to an album on flickr. All shots were taken between April and May of 2014.

To view more of these grainy and shaky Seoul street shots please follow this link.

To view more of these grainy and shaky Seoul street shots please follow this link.

To view more of these grainy and shaky Seoul street shots please follow this link.


Photography © Conor O’Reilly 2014



3 thoughts on “Monochrome Seoul

  1. I tried by iPhone to leave a similar message, earlier today, but there was some kind of software snafu. Anyway, what I tried to convey was as follows:

    There are at least two things we need to keep in mind:

    1. What is the subject of the photograph within its overall context and composition, that draws the eye? This is pretty basic, of course, but nonetheless essential beyond the technical aspects of making an image.

    2. What is gesture – including of inanimate objects – of the image that makes the image emotionally compelling? Without a strong gesture, at best you have a nice or pretty or technically correct photograph, but nothing beyond that. This is something that I continue – and will continue – to struggle.

    Without at least these two-above criteria being met, our photographs remain mediocre at best. I try to keep this in my mind at the time of capture and at least during the time of post processing editing.



    • Thanks Tom – I often have problems commenting from my phone on other blogs too.

      I think that with regards subject it’s kind of flexible, as it’s tied in with the actual goal of the photograph. What I mean is that there may be no subject, just the desire to show what something actually looks like. Maybe this is a bad excuse for a fairly ordinary photograph. It’s how I feel about some basic street/city shots though.

      I spent a long time taking photos with a bridge camera – non-dslr but not a point and shoot either – and my main focus was on composition, not actual technical aspects including gesture. If something worked out it was a fluke. With people on the street, I think that there is an awful amount of luck involved in nailing the perfect shot waiting for someone to do something. I’m a bit shy so getting in close, which is what I should be doing, is probably preventing me from getting the shots I’d like, but I shall persevere.


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