The Top 9 Reasons not to Write a Top 10

Maybe you already know this…

(In no particular order of preference)

  • How much do you really know about something?
    In fairness, as much as an expert you may be, you hardly know everything about one thing. In fact anyone who claims to do this doesn’t really suit my take on anything. But even if you do suggest that you do know everything about anything, do yourself a favour, exclude the word ‘definitive’ and any of its synonyms.
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It’s the end of the year as we know it – 2011

One of my favourite things about using WordPress is the statistics. They feed my ego like my mammy did with potatoes for my appetite for donkeys years, and Herself now does with rice and kisses. What’s especially great for this appetite is this annual report provided by the good people at WordPress with details of what you have been reading throughout 2011.

For a statistics nut like me, this is delicious! For an If I had a minute to spare nut like yourself, this will also be one of the most exciting reads of 2012, guaranteed.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,500 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.


Now, I’ve never been to Sydney but now that I’ve read this I’m going to make it my business to be there one day to see what a sold out performance looks like. If it’s even a quarter the quality of If I had a minute to spare then I’m be impressed.


Click here to see the complete report.


What people and bloggers, are saying about If I had a minute to spare in 2011:

“So so pretty” – Roxanne @

“Eh, my little Deutsche cheri, maybe a menage-a-trois with Berlusconi some time?” –

“whining about turning 30 is for babies” – Jim @

“Such is a matter of opinion as to what is shite or not” – Thomás Ó’Cártaigh

“You, sir, are a racist” – Some anonymity called Ryotaro

“Korea looks JUST like an Irish field” – Peadar O’Donoghue

“I’m always scared of getting displaced by going away long-term but I know that if I don’t I will never be satisfied staying here in Ireland without ever having properly experienced living in another place.” – Kate @

“Ireland has come a long way in terms of accepting and recognising the gay community, and Korea will too in the not too distant future.” – a commenter by the name of Sandra

“as the Nun said to the Vicar. It falls in line with so much that ‘Sparkling Korea’ has to offer. All style and no substance. Or as I like to say, ‘All fur coat and nae knickers’.” – Craig @

“I see the notorious Bandi and Lunis point card. Perhaps this will be the most common thing that foreigners carry” Jake @



It has been a great year writing for all of you and I do hope you all continue to come back.


Here’s to another year of fun and frolics at the one and only, world famous, internationally sought and respected

If I had a minute to spare…

…I would probably say something like this



Exploring Seoul

The Instigator – Sinnae-dong, Jungnang-gu.

When I first arrived in Korea in 2005 I was based in Jungnang-gu, which is on Seoul’s most north-eastern extremity. On face value, there wasn’t really much going for the place but it was close to the Costco in Sangbong, so I used to walk down to it every so often to get more cheese. I also found a little hill, which was often described as a mountain, next to me, which I would wander up regularly because I had the mornings free. This mountain was called Bongwhasan, and the subway station at the end of line 6 is named after here. When it was a little warmer I would also walk to Bongwhasan to take the train into Itaewon. This was as adventurous as I got back then. After a while, I got a little bored with seeing the same things.

Jungnang-gu, Seoul

I first started walking around in the morning after I got up and had breakfast. This was usually after I realised that having all this morning time allowed me plenty of freedom to go out and do stuff, and then come back in time to go to work at two or three o’clock. Staying in bed late into the morning just wasted the whole day. Later, when it was hotter I would walk around at night as I finished work around nine o’clock and didn’t really feel tired. I would walk for hours sometimes.

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Why do we Hate Christmas Songs?

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to suggest that many people despise Christmas songs. There’s something about them that gets people’s spines shivering. Their over jovial and upbeat tunes chiming away in the background while we’re struggling over dilemmas, such as whether or not we should get Uncle Billy or Jimmy the pink scarf, seem to encourage our inner Scrooge to fester.

It’s not that Christmas songs are bad, it is more like we are just sick and tired of them. It’s like listening to a whole back catalogue of reasonable enough number 1’s all at the same time, but more than this it’s the catchy poppy over enthusiasm of number 1’s singing about the same thing – Christmas. Oh, and the fact that you have to go through this every year at the same time is another reason to not look forward to having to hear Christmas songs over and over and over again. Did I mention that most Christmas songs never even reached number 1 status?

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An update on what I’ve been writing as of late.

I haven’t been as prolific here as of late. Had other stuff to write about. Not making excuses or apologising, I’m just saying, that’s all.

Anyway, there’s a course that I’m supposed to be doing. But, I seem to be not doing so much of it as I have been doing other stuff.

In January there will be an article from me in both Groove Magazine and 10 Magazine. There should also be two more articles again in both of these magazines for February.

For those who like to turn their nose up at the general quality of both of these (although Groove has been becoming a little more interesting lately) there could be something by me in The Three Wise Monkeys this Monday. I am expecting a mixed reaction from readers.

The big news for me though is that I had a small article posted on where I talk about the importance of blogging for improving my writing. is a website for writers in Ireland that offers advice and tips on all aspects of writing. I quite chuffed with myself as the site is associated with UNESCO because of Dublin’s City of Literature status, and it’s also a national archive of sorts.

Keeping up the perseverance is starting to pay off.