12 Rules for Expat Life in Korea Contd.

Today has seen the Korean blogosphere dancing in the delights of this recent article of sorts on CNNgo.

Shocking stuff altogether.

Fortunately a few bloggers have jumped to protect Korea because Korea is such a wonderful perfect place that has never done anything wrong and shouldn’t be criticised for the realities its society presents. Grrrr. What I couldn’t get over was the general belief that this post was taken so seriously and the defence of Korea was so patriotic. So in defence of decency I will try to add my own flavour and sense of balance to this debate.

But first take a moment to read what has already been said:

Roboseyo: CNNgo Trolls Bloggers; 12 ACTUALLY useful tips for Expat life.

Re: 12 rules for expat life in Korea | Chris in South Korea – Travel and life in Korea.

12 Rules for Expats in Korea | David S. Wills.

Of course, no one here is right or wrong. It’s just … well… so what? As David S. Wills makes the point, anyone who reads the CNNgo post will – hopefully – realise that this is a little bit of jolly finger-pointing…at least I think that’s the point he made (I only had a few minutes to read so I read quickly, as in quicker than ‘scan’ reading).

Anyway, the balancing act courtesy of me. Drum rolls please!!!! Continue reading

How to Make People Laugh in Korea

It’s kind of popular these days on the peninsula to be a comedian. While this is noticeable if you turn on the television, you do need to leave your home and find a venue in which comedians are doing their bestestest to force giggles and titters, with the occasional guffaw. Comedy is the in thing in terms of entertainment. Of course, like all performance types, it helps if you are actually good at it.

While I’m not the kind to point the finger with snide remarks on ability and taste, I do think that standards should be put in place, not necessarily by the venue but certainly by the spectator. Some will probably think I’m a snob. Why shouldn’t someone be able to get up on stage, challenge their inner-demons, and become the talent they have always harboured deep inside? Yes. Why shouldn’t they? Or, in fact the statement should really be how could they not?

The stage in Korea is an amazing space for discovering your talents. I would encourage anyone who believes they might be good at something on stage to get up on the stage and do it. Find out out for yourself, don’t wait to find out what could have been. If it doesn’t work the first time, it will work at some stage. I would always encourage anyone to go on the stage to release any anxiety about what is the point of anything, because once the crowd responds, answers are definitely a lot clearer. Continue reading

The Watermelon Man Live!

Check this out!

Former Korean resident, and SAN regular much loved by all, The Watermelon Man, aka The One Who Does Not Exist aka Frank went on Australia’s got talent and ruled the stage!

No idea who the ould codger is with the stupid goatee, but MacFadden is a has-been, but it still doesn’t matter because he proved that talent is as much ability as well as appealability! Genius


The Watermelon Man is available to perform at christenings, birthdays and weddings!

The Unofficial Official A-Z of the HBC Fest

***Correction: Clown that I am, I got conflustered and mixed my dates up. The HBC Fest is on October 9, no 10. Thanks Lance! Where would we be without you?***

The HBC Fest is one week away, and in honour of that I’m going to running (or at least I’m going to do my best to run) a piece a day about the festival, its past, its present, and what lies ahead in the future!

I’ve been involved in the festival since the very start back in 2006, I’ve seen the fest big and small, I’ve seen it with tears and with smiles. Despite a wee legger for a couple of fests, what with getting married and having to become more intelligent, I’m back as one the fest’s best friend!

Hopefully I can recount some of the best and most difficult times, not forgetting a few anecdotes for those who believe in it all!

To start it all off, here is my first post!

The Unofficial Official A-Z of the HBC Fest

A is for asshole, if you are one please stay at home

B is for bars, booze and bands…need I say more?

The Animal Dads (not actually playing at this festival) at the Fall Fest - courtesy of http://www.myspace.com/hbcfest

C is for cars which shouldn’t even bother trying to drive through Haebangchon on October 9. Continue reading