House Style

This blog is a personal account of whatever goes on in my head.I first started this blog as a means of practicing my writing, but since then it has grown into a more significant piece of work which has propelled me, slowly and steadily, into a world I previously considered to be all but accessible to most professional and hard working of writers.

You can read a little bit about this journey here.

These posts are always written from my often reality obscured perspective on everything. I live in a city called Suwon in South Korea where I work and mostly play. What I see, know, and think is based on my experiences and nothing else. I’m probably right as much as I am wrong. If anything, please keep in mind that what I think and other people think are probably quite different, which is why I generally like people, for the most part anyway.

Being from Ireland, my posts here reflect my own Irish take on the world. I’m proud of being Irish. I don’t have the same opinions or takes on Korea usually expressed by many western bloggers here, I think. I see many things differently. I don’t know if that’s because of who I am or where I am from, so take these as you will when they appear.

I do not suggest that I am an expert, and I do not recommend that you take what I say as cast in stone fact. I like to emphasize the human experience and the importance of looking at things from a wider angle. If you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with anything I say here, be sure to use the internet to see what other people are saying. For what it’s worth, I find myself leaning away from the critical and over analytical posts on social issues mainly because I think there are people better equipped to inform you on these subjects. Also, I actually think that most of things people complain about on the internet are the kind of things that people can do very little about, regardless of how many blog posts, facebook groups, global trends, or whatever else internet people deem as the representative of the voice of the people.

With all that in mind, I do enjoy a good rant from time to time. If this happens, hang about as normal service returns soon enough. Sometimes I need to get stuff off my chest. Perhaps that falls under the human element category.

The thing that I really take seriously on this blog is that the message I try to transmit is done so as clearly and concisely as possible. If this takes 500 words or 2000 words, so be it.

Finally, I live in Korea and have done so for around six years, so many of posts carry a definite Korea focus, although I don’t necessarily direct them at a Korean audience. I often think that if I moved country, this blog would follow me. It probably will.

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