Korea – a country that loves a good Day!

Korea is a great country for celebrating a day – Valentine’s Day, White Day and Black Day for the loved and loveless in our lives, Pepero Day for the children, then there’s an unknown amount of nattional holidays for all sorts of patriotic reasons, the most recent being Independence Day (March 1), the name of which is debatable. Being a armchair know-it-all I’m basing this on Wikipedia – which is mostly edited by 25 year old males – but when I ask any Koreans, herself included, they all say that it’s revolution day, or the day that Koreans first rose up against Japanese rule. Perhaps revolution day sounds a little to red for the the right minded over here. Incidentaly, ‘Indepedence Day’ is called ‘Liberation Day’ – can someone explain to me the difference?

What other days are there? Well it turns out there are a lot and many of them revolve around love – which is lovely.

Actually, the list of love days is long and not limited to thos described above. You might have heard about celebrations between couples celebrating their first 100 days as a couple, 백일. The connection with the fourteenth of the month and love is not limited to just the early spring months. For some reason, the fourteenth of the month is a day when you should think about your loved one or if you’re single do something depressing and dehumanising… Here’s a breakdown of days and their significance and a lover’s responsibility on that day:

January 14 is Diary day – the day you buy a diary for your boyfriend or girlfriend (I assume so that they don’t forget important days, such as the ones in this list)

February, March and April 14 have been discussed extensively elsewhere (see above for a link)

May 14 is Rose or Yellow Day – on this day you should give yellow roses to your beloved. If you didn’t manage to get hooked up on Black Day you have a second chance because today you should go and have curry and hope for the best.

A yellow rose or a yellow curry?

June 14  is Kiss Day – this one speaks for itself but I’m not sure what single people should do…

July 14 is Silver Day – This is not as you would expect and certainly cheaper too, especially for me, because on this magical day  the oldest person in the couple must pay for their date. As for single people…maybe they have to drink liquid silver or stare in a silver mirror and look depressed…

August 14 is Green Day – Lovers must venture into the forest and shower themselves with the fresh air, otherwise known as forest shower (just as well there’s no Gold Day). Single people get a better deal on this day – they should go and drink soju, the quantity of which depends on how miserable you are because you are single.

Would you prefer a walk in the wild or just to drink all of this?

September 14 is Photo (or music) Day – Avoid Samcheon-dong, Insadong, and other areas know for their cuteness and photographers because today couples should go out and take pictures together. Single people should go to a nightclub and put o…I mean dance to music they like.

October 14 is called Wine Day – This day obviously should be every day, but going with the theme this also benefits both couples and singles as couples can be romantic and eat pasta with cream or tomato sauce (as this seems to be the standard option) and singles can have Bridget Jones moments with a bottle of red and some songs from their youth played loudly.

November 14 is Movie Day – you can tell that the person who came up with this nonsense was really running out of ideas. 

December 14 is Hug Day – what better way to finalise a year of lover’s days with a nice slap in the face to all those who need a hug the most by putting up a day where lover’s should hug each other.

There are a few other days out there too, like Apple Day on October 24, which is a day to apologise because apples mean sorry. It was apparently started off to stop school violence. There are no offical statistics to offer an idea on the effectiveness of the day. There’s also Ace Day which obviously didn’t do as well as Pepero Day.

However, the day of days is coming tomorrow and one that I will certainly celebrate with vigour.

3/3 or 삼삼

Samyeopsal Day!

Yes, I will have it all for the economy's sake.


Fire up the barbecue, chase those vegans and leaf-eaters down the street – today is the day for supporting the poor farmers who lost their livelihoods to foot and mouth disease!