Venurama – Where Shit Goes Down at the HBC Fest

In a previous article I made a comment on the venues and the fact that they really aren’t that bad. I mean it believe it or not. The venues are crucial to the HBC Fest and without them there wouldn’t be much of the Haebangchon we all know, let alone a festival to celebrate.

Over the years the venues have chopped and changed, some have been in and some have moved out, but these neighbourhood venues that rely on your day-to-day business happily pay out for this festival twice a year. The HBC Fest has brought a lot of business to Haebangchon, putting it more on the map than previously expected at the time. It is reasonable to suggest that the HBC Fest has brought the spotlight on Haebangchon as a home away from home for many westerners who live in and outside of Seoul.

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