The End of The Stinging Fly Café

I commenter here on If I Had A Minute To Spare brought some shocking new to my attention recently.

The much (or kind of) loved Stinging Fly Café has been closed down. I almost cried when I heard this.

Before you all start to shake your heads sorrowfully mourning the end of another business courtesy of the wonders of the much talked about recession, hold steady. The Stinging Fly Café was not a café that you could walk into and enjoy a coffee and a slice of apple tart. It was a forum, or discussion site, that was part of, the website of a Dulbin based poetry magazine.

Now, of course platitudes of fair play need to be leveled at The Fly for spending some of their well earned grant money on a new website, but the end of the Café is something which must be mourned.  Continue reading

Letter from Korea, April 2011

Suwon, South Korea
April 30, 2011

Dear Ireland,

Apologies for my lack of correspondence, I’ve been busy believe it or not. I won’t bore you with the details but I would in fact prefer to inform you of one of the reasons that I haven’t had as much time as usual to sit down and write you a lovely letter, as has been my wont for almost a year.

Recently, myself and Herself have become business people. We are proprietors. Not in the traditional sense, more in a temporary and experimental sense.

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