White Day

If you read mylast post you will be familiar with White Day.

During my first White Day – maybe not on or after or before the day but at some stage close to it – I wrote this little poem.


White Day

A day for the ladies they say
Because they made the first move in February.
Chocolates or flowers, silver or gold
To prove to the maiden intentions aren’t bold.
Dinner for two over candlelight
and a stroll by the river late into the night,
kiss by a fountain for the first time
then wrapped-up in arms wait for a chime.
This day is made for the women
who change the beat of our hearts with adrenalin.


© Conor O’Reilly 2006

Valentines Day in Korea – A day for the ladies they say…

Love is in the air…apparently it should be anyway…

It’s Valentine’s Day of course, and if you’re reading this outside of Korea don’t be surprised that Korea has taken to the day of love – Korean’s generally love love, especially when they can sing a song about it.

Yes, on the international day of love Korea gets its hands dirty. For those of you in Korea, and especially those who teach in the millions of schools around the country, you know how those hands get dirty Continue reading