Letter from Korea, May 2012.

Dear Ireland

I feel obliged to offer an apology for a lack of social commentary on life in Korea. Being Irish, I complain all the time, even when things are going well. If you were to sit with me for a relatively short period of time, I would undoubtedly complain about plenty of things I can do nothing about. It’s kind of an old-man syndrome I suppose.

The thing is, complaining about life in Korea doesn’t interest me as much anymore. Well, at least complaining about it on the internet and pointing out all the failings and the misery and normality of living here doesn’t interest me much. I suppose it’s just not productive. It doesn’t make my life any better, and while I’d love to attract the swathes of readers across the waeg readership who are itching for scandal and tales of depravity and inadequacy, I’m pretty happy to keep to myself these days. You see, it’s not just Irish people who like to complain all the time about things they can do nothing about.

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I’m angry. I’m full of piss and vinegar and I just want to vent it all over the place. But, I’m not going to. I’m going to accept what it is as what it is and allow it all to flow like a river, or something else flowy, and let everything end up as it does. Somewhere, be it happy or sad.

I’ve been debating with myself what to do here: should I rant on about all the shite that I come across on my day to day dealings with the world, or should I try to see things a little more positively and look at life and the world as the eclectic manifestation it actually is? Here’s my dilemma. I don’t want to do either of these.

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The End of The Stinging Fly Café

I commenter here on If I Had A Minute To Spare brought some shocking new to my attention recently.

The much (or kind of) loved Stinging Fly Café has been closed down. I almost cried when I heard this.

Before you all start to shake your heads sorrowfully mourning the end of another business courtesy of the wonders of the much talked about recession, hold steady. The Stinging Fly Café was not a café that you could walk into and enjoy a coffee and a slice of apple tart. It was a forum, or discussion site, that was part of http://www.stingingfly.org, the website of a Dulbin based poetry magazine.

Now, of course platitudes of fair play need to be leveled at The Fly for spending some of their well earned grant money on a new website, but the end of the Café is something which must be mourned.  Continue reading