Italian Students Speak

As a full time teacher of English as a Second Language I come across many ways in which to encourage learners to activate their acquired language. During this summer (2013) I was teaching teenaged Italian students in Ireland, and I found that more so that my past experiences, my students were very active online. I thought of ways in which I could get them to use this interest in a lesson.

I had an idea courtesy of the Korean tumblr, I would give the students a lesson which focused on how the felt expressing themselves and how they, as teenagers, could express themselves in society. I talked to them about how they used the internet as a means of expression, and if they found it to be important. There was a resoundingly positive response. They were then asked the design a poster, which gave the impression that it was a status update, and I then took their photograph and posted it on Instagram. And from here it could be shared, tweeted, and commented on.

These are the photos I took of the students during the lesson, as well as a few from afterwards which I think you’ll like.

Italian Students Speak, a set on Flickr.

Too late.Mission complete!La fine!I <3 blonde girlzI want know what I want.I need Italian food! 

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I want to find my place in the world.I love my NikonDo not be afraid of making yourself understood.The best is yet to come :)I'm going back to... 505Wish you were here...


The actual ‘Conversation with Chris Westray’

Here’s an audio of the conversation that I had with Chris Westray a few weeks ago. I’ve uploaded it onto youtube as it was the first medium I thought of for broadcasting this discussion. The photos are just some photos I have of the Mr. Westray that I thought I’d use to brighten it up a little, although it may seem a little weird and also… well as he said himself, ‘it feels good to be worshipped’.


The voices that help in the background are Jin Won Kim (my beautiful wife) and Laura Hayes (Chris’s girlfriend)



Conversation with Chris Westray –

This conversation with Chris Westray was recorded in an Angel-in-Us coffee shop close to the Kyobo


bookshop in Gangnam, Seoul on July 24, 2010, a Saturday. This is a continuation of a conversation I already had a minute to spare over (here). Did we every answer all our questions? Will we ever know what is art or why do we create art? Individualism, if it could speak louder, eventually had its say!


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