The Best Barbecue Restaurant in Korea

I was sitting down to dinner tonight  with herself in a new ‘galbi’[i] restaurant so new they weren’t even sure how to start the grill, and as we were trying to enjoy the meat that was burning in front of us (courtesy of one of several teething issues for the new place), and I thought out loud, ‘what makes a good barbecue restaurant’?

The ‘barbecue restaurant’ I am of course talking about is Korean barbecue, or galbi (pork ribs), or samgyubsal (pork belly with three layers of meat…or is it fat?), or galbisal (beef), or sogalbi (beef ribs) or… or… or… the list of options for restaurant choice is long but the desired effect; meat + grill + beer = satisfaction, remains the same regardless of your choice of meal.

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