This Could Be (one of) the Last Time(s)

The fact that I live an apartment on the twentieth floor is not news to this blog. This high position allows for a fine, if not a little post-apocalyptic at times, view of Suwon on all but the most weather beaten of days. I have grown fond of taking photographs of the many perspectives this home of ours provides. There aren’t many opportunities left for me to do this. 20140606-193730.jpg After four and a half years here in Korea, which is essentially the whole life cycle of this blog, we are returning to Ireland to live. 20140606-193754.jpg Things you need to know: This is an indefinite move. We really aren’t sure where we will eventually settle down. 20140606-193806.jpg We will never leave Korea forever. We will be back. This is a certainty. Just don’t ask me when. It’s going to be a crazy change, and we are excited, terrified, happy, and of course sad to be making such a move. This is a life changer. 20140606-193825.jpg Before we came back to Korea in 2010 we moved country four times in a year and a half. We’ve enjoyed the stability. I’ve really enjoyed writing here about life in Korea, and I know many of my regular readers are here for my writing about Korea. I hope that you will join me as I document life in Ireland, when I find a minute to spare (of course). 20140606-193840.jpg So that’s my big news, in case you’ve been wondering. So with that in mind, here’s a song.

…And a post-apocalyptic-ish sunset



P.S. I hate packing/moving country almost as much as I hate K-pop. It’s going to be a blast!

The manic move that never happened.

A while ago I lamented about the joys of living in my old home. I had half expected to write all about the moving but in the end it was so stress free (yes I really mean it) that I just forgot about living in the cave – this is what I now refer to the old place as, a cave. Always worth a look though here are a few pictures of our very stress free move:

Somehow the entire contents of our apartment only barely managed to fit in the truck.

Anyway, the nice gentleman with the big mop of hair and the tough-as-nails ajumma in the picture above, and a very serious looking man not pictured, made life a lot easier as we managed to chill out in the car and drink coffee while they did the hard work. Money well spent. This is around the seventh time we have moved – including moving country four times in two years – and it is something we don’t enjoy, regardless of how used to it we are.

On a more positive note….

You might remember the view from the living room window of the old place we lived in. To save you having to reminisce here is that inspiring view again:

I like to look at this picture a little to regularly these days. It helps me appreciate the new view:

I’m wondering now what the hurricanes are like up on the twentieth floor?

Home Sweet Home!

*Please note, this post has nothing to do with my last post*

In a week, this won’t matter any more…

I am happy to say that we are finally moving. For those of you who don’t know, our little apartment, while cosy…ish, is a bit of a disaster. Yes, we know better than to blame anyone else – we picked the place.

It’s brand new and not really that bad but since we’ve moved in there has been problem after problem after problem.

Allow me to digress.

To start with, the living room and bedroom windows look out onto this:

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