The World Famous (but all too infrequent) If I Had A Minute To Spare Global Caption Competition of Death and Love

Yes, it has been a while, but fortunately you may all rest easy, the World Famous If I Had A Minute To Spare  Global Caption Competition of Death and Love has returned, this time with a cherry on top. They cherry, you ask, is an  extra caption to be competitive about.

They’re at it again, those pesky Europeans, kissing in public. Benneton’s add compaign almost coming through here with a picture of Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel about to make their better halves a little upset.

So, if you could, a caption please:


As always, the winner of the competition will get a free subscription to If I Had A Minute To Spare and a pat on the back from me.

May the best caption win!!!

G-20 Photo Caption Competition: I’m so Lonely (Sarko Version)

So there was the G-20 in Seoul that not many of us heard about, in terms of resolutions and good done, in Seoul. Although we all heard it was on, and that’s what’s important, the hosting of the event, right? Right?
Well anyway, all these wonderful world leaders were sitting not more than thirty kilometres from me, and they saved the world right? Right?
Well, whether they did or not, here’s another wonderful world leader caption competition (and, yes I did kind of refer in the description to Brian Cowen as a ‘world leader’, sorry). This time it’s all the wonderul world leaders.

This picture from Yonhap News; a caption if you please!


This time, same as before, post your captions in the comment box below!