“Walking Street” – Chiang Mai

On a number of occasions while in Chiang Mai, we made it down to the famous Sunday market named Walking Street. There’s not really much to be said about it, other than they close the streets off from traffic early on Sunday evening then vendors set up and then thousands of tourists descend. The nice part about it is that although it is essentially a tourist market, there is nice festival atmosphere about the place, and that there are tourists from everywhere, including Thailand. What is also nice is that you get the usual tourist crap, but there’s also plenty of artists and crafts people who make their own stuff selling things there, so it’s worth a look. To find it, just go to Taphae Gate around 5pm on a Sunday evening in Chiang Mai.

These photographs are from our first visit, which was more of a scouting effort as opposed to subsequent visits where we managed to buy the place!

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All images © Conor O’Reilly 2014

Walking Home at Night in Yeongtong-dong

Last night was the first real dark night I’ve walked home from this year. I left work around 6pm and by the time I had crossed the street and said goodbye to a coworker it was as dark as December. I won’t prey on your sensibilities with a slew of cliches about walking home alone in a chilly night in October. We’ve all been there. It’s a universal feeling.

I had my camera with me and fortunately some of these pictures came out well enough that I thought I’d post them here.






















Our Last Night

Our last night in our apartment ….. Awwwww…..awwwwww bleedin’ fantastic!

You might have read my post earlier in the week about how excited we were to be leaving here and the reasons why.

Well good news, the cherry on top (and hopefully the only one) just landed.

Herself went to go to the bathroom – yes that bathroom – turned on the light and with a fizzle and crack and a
Pop and flash the lightbulb exploded onto the floor almost above her head.

Nice big lettuce leaf awards of glass now sit on the bathroom floor. I just hope it’s not me who forgets it’s there when I go for my early-morning relieving leak!

Some nice dramatic photos of the evidence to help me feel more comfortable when we explain to the landlord tomorrow that his house is a death trap!