Just Saying by Dave Tynan

This video came my way the other day. It’s a stark reminder of what happens to those of us Irish people who are dealing with emigration, one the social issues among young people in Ireland leading into 2013 (for example, I have four brothers and of the five of us only two live in Ireland). It is safe to say it really sunk in here at If I Had Minute to Spare towers. I’m not the only one – a friend back in Ireland posted on Facebook that this video actually made her cry. I wasn’t far behind her.

As well as the film’s obvious message, there is wonderful night portrait of Dublin city with so many landmarks I’ve seen countless times – including the Why Go Bald sign. Some of these are obvious, while others are more subtle and require some amount of a trained eye.

More about me and this video:

In my own case, most of my friends are still back in Ireland. So whenever I hear back from them or if I’m lucky enough to visit, I feel like I never hear the full story. It’s like I walked into a room in the middle of a joke or argument and everything just stops and brave face is put on until I leave the room again. I’m not sure if it’s a defence mechanism or a mind your own business one. I suppose we’re all strangers to a certain extent now. It’s a shite state of affairs really. This is one dominant feeling which emerged after watching the film. There were more but they’re too personal and too bloody nostalgic, and there’s enough poxy nostalgia over Christmas as there is.

I’d move back to Ireland in a heartbeat – not to change this but to change me – and this video sums up a lot about how I feel about Ireland, and especially Dublin, and how I feel about he limbo of not being and almost being there.

I can say more about this but its not appropriate now. Let this film attempt some class of an explanation.

But then again, it is Christmas and maybe im just a little mopy and homesick.


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