Gangwon-do in Autumn

It is sunny here a whie ago...Watching the rainCoffee shop tunesMirrored on the groundWaresYeongjin strand
Jumunjin shingleRocksRoom for rentBubble womanTerra RosaWaiting for someone to use
Waiting spaceGangeung coffee cultureMossWater holeStepping stonesHollow hole
Looking for fishCalling nostalgiaCourtyard againSteps and straight linesCourtyardNew door

Gangwon-do in Autumn, a set on Flickr.

I finally managed to get my camera back into a usable state. First of all, I mislaid my camera charger, so bought a new one. I reckon as soon as the new one arrived, the battery went missing. Today I charged up my camera and uploaded some of the pictures from those two trips.