Writing Elsewhere

The following is an extensive but not conclusive list of features articles and opinion pieces I wrote that have been published on-line. I will update this list as frequently as I can. For stories and poetry, please go here.

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December, 2011 – Writing & Me

The Irish Times

January 12, 2012 – Generation Emigratin Blog: Destination in Focus – South Korea(contributed the vast majority of information)
December 30, 2011 – Generation Emigration Blog: Emigrants’ celebrations: “It wasn’t Christmas because it wasn’t Ireland” and in the regular print edition
November 25, 2011 – Learning the Korean Way (I didn’t write this article but I was quoted extensively at the end, and I provided a lot of background information which was not credited to me)
July 7, 2010 – Letters to the Editor: Check Those Leaving Figures
(subscription required)
May 5, 2010 – Letters to the Editor: Getting the Picture in South Korea
and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea’s response over one month later (subscription required)
– This letter landed me in a bit of trouble at work and I almost lost my job because a professor in some other department disagreed with my intrepetation of the misinterpreation of the facts transmitted on this issue. Anyway, time has shown who may be right and who may be wrong.


March 28, 2014 – Seoul’s Irish Landmark
January 1, 2015 In the Beginning

Groove Magazine

May 2012 – HBC Fest Just Wants to Rock (lead music feature)
February 2012
…Whatever That Means: Sounds From the Explosion & Magna Fall: Japan EP
January, 2012 – Meet Seth Martin, Folk Musician
July, 2011 – Magna Fall – Bastards No More
June, 2010 – Jennifer Waescher: Beyond These Words
May, 2011 – Famous or Infamous: Haebangchon Readies HBC Fest
April, 2011 – RocKorea Presents: Indie Rock Tribute Concert & Haebangchon Prepares
March, 2011 – Seoul Celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day 2011
November, 2010 – Irish Music Sessions
October, 2010 – HBC Fest
September, 2010 – Insadong Welcomes Back Irishness
July, 2010 – Outside Looks Inside
May 2010 – The 2010 Haebangchon May Festival

10 Magazine

September 2012 – A Hideaway in Hwaseong to Die For
August 2012 – Yongin’s One Stop Culture Shop
August 2012 – 10 Ways to Survive and Thrive in Sweltering Seoul This August
February 2012 – A Wall With a View: Suwon’s Hwaseong Fortress
January, 2011 – Gyeonggi Discovery: Suwon’s Hippest Neighbourhood, Yeongtong-dong
June, 2011 – Raw Fish and Relaxation & Gangwon Discovery: 10 Things to Do in Jumunjin
May, 2011 – HBC Gears Up for Annual Music Festival
March, 2011 – Saint Patrick’s Day Festival
November, 2010 – Rockin’ Toward the New Year: End of the Year Music Competitions
September, 2010 – Irish Céilí is Your Chance to Dance

The Korea Times
October 18, 2011 – Suwon Hosts Asian Gaelic Games
September 20, 2011 – Irish Dance and Music Festival to Take Place in Seoul
December 14, 2010 – IAK to Hold Fundraiser at The Wolfhound
October 5, 2010 – Seoul Writers Workshop Publication Goes on Sale
October 23, 2007 – Music Festival Pulling Foreigners Together
May 22, 2007 – Koreans’ Hospitality

The Three Wise Monkeys
December, 2011 – Merry Kerry Samosa
August, 2011 – Once More into the Deep Part 1 & Part 2
May, 2011 – The A to Z of the HBC Fest
October, 2010 – Why I Hate the HBC Fest

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