The A – Z of Korea

A is for anjou … anjou, oh anjou, I don’t really want to eat you because I’ve just had dinner and the idea of having to eat more really doesn’t make me want to stay drinking here. To add insult to injury, eating is cheating.

B is for booze … booze, yes booze. Korea is infamous for its alcohol consumption rate. Korea has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the OECD. You won’t here too many over in KNTO towers (or whatever the Korean tourism crowd is called now) sharing such interesting facts with you. What’s interesting about drink culture here is, even though there is so much alcohol consumed, drinking has so many social rules, it’s a wonder that anyone bothers with it at all.

C is for Corea … Korea gets its name from the Goryeo Dynasty apparently. The use of Korea or Corea is a relatively modern phenomenon though and is linked to the colonial period. However, before the Japanese ruled Korea, Korea was commonly referred to as Chosun after the dynastic rule at the time. Corea and Korea were used regularly before the turn of the twentieth century, but the ‘K’ apparently became standardised the more around the time that Japanese rule was enforced. The theory behind is so that Korea would appear behind Japan in international ordering. To some this might sound bizzare, but this is Asia folks and stuff like that matters, especially when you are supposed to be ruling them. However, the evidence to support an official Japanese dictate enforcing this is merely circumstantial for now. You’ll come across Corea quite a bit at international football games, and often you will hear some school students repeating what their primary school teacher has been preaching. You can read a good article about the Corea/Korea history here.

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The Unofficial Official A-Z of the HBC Fest

***Correction: Clown that I am, I got conflustered and mixed my dates up. The HBC Fest is on October 9, no 10. Thanks Lance! Where would we be without you?***

The HBC Fest is one week away, and in honour of that I’m going to running (or at least I’m going to do my best to run) a piece a day about the festival, its past, its present, and what lies ahead in the future!

I’ve been involved in the festival since the very start back in 2006, I’ve seen the fest big and small, I’ve seen it with tears and with smiles. Despite a wee legger for a couple of fests, what with getting married and having to become more intelligent, I’m back as one the fest’s best friend!

Hopefully I can recount some of the best and most difficult times, not forgetting a few anecdotes for those who believe in it all!

To start it all off, here is my first post!

The Unofficial Official A-Z of the HBC Fest

A is for asshole, if you are one please stay at home

B is for bars, booze and bands…need I say more?

The Animal Dads (not actually playing at this festival) at the Fall Fest - courtesy of

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