Dublin Begging Law – Remind Me Not to Become Homeless!

This post is unfortunately coming a bit late because I have been out in the countryside for the Korean holiday Chuseok. This is similar to the importance of Christmas to most western countries, but without the religious revelry attached. This post is not about Chuseok though; if you want you can read more posts about Chuseok here.


I started writing this post last Saturday morning full of piss and vinegar after reading this article from that morning Irish Times. The story was titled ‘Call to speed up new begging law‘. The story goes into detail and shines a light on Dublin City Council‘s drive to introduce a law in Dublin where ‘begging’ is to be an offence you can be arrested for if carried out within ten metres of a business premises.

Before I go into too much detail about why I think that the implementation of this law is a disgrace, I want to ask have we finally sunk so low that we have found it reasonable to force those who have had to sink lower to have to bow lower again?

I’ve always believed that what Irish people have, and this is something many other nationalities lack, is an understanding for the plight of the common man. We have always respected those who do their best and come out fighting. We have always seen each other as equals, as people going about their business working for the good of themselves, and indirectly for the good of everyone else. But are people on the street still not fighting or have they given up and now resorted to scabbing off others? Does the City Council honestly believe that homeless people who have resorted to begging do so because it’s an agreeable lifestyle? Is Dublin the only city that struggles to care for a homeless population that has increased in the past few years?

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