On Being a Writer in Korea – A ‘How To’ & ‘Where To’ Guide

Part 2

*This post includes a few new additions, as well as the removal of another apparently dead ‘magazine’*

Of course, to be a writer you have to write. But of equal importance to the writing element is you have to be read. There are many different ways to be read, but rest assured that for all the fantastic poetry and prose you scribble in your fancy notebook and for all the standing up on stage you do at open mic nights, you will never be never be read if you do not approach the media.

Of course you could argue that you write for yourself, which is fine, but if that is your take on writing then this post is not directed at you. And even if that is your take, you probably want to write for someone someday.

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Joongang Daily: Adrift in Irrelevancy

As an afterword to Typhoon Kompasu I’d like to write about an oddly directed piece of criticism/opinion which I’ read in a leading newspaper. Beautifully and wordily scripted for the ultimate effect, it’s difficult to really understand why this article made it into the opinion section of the newspaper at all, it could have, if written with a few less decorations, made it into the ‘letters to the editor’ in a respectable newspaper. Even then, it doesn’t really add any strength to any argument whatsoever, that is if there is an argument in it at all. There is certainly no solution.

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