Some Blogging Talk…

I like my blog. I really do. It’s fun. But then again, so is drinking until 5am. It’s something I like to do, but it’s not something I should do too often. Why? Well because as much fun as it is, it’s very distracting. Now, loyal readers (and new readers) that is not meant as a slur against your good taste and fine choice in character, more as a finger pointed at my own lack of self discipline outside of my regular contributions to this column.

WordPress blogs are great because they have wonderful statistics sections that one can peruse over for days, matching the number of hits against the popularity of some posts against others. This is one of my biggest distractions. Now, back in the day when this blog started I used to complain over the difference between a fourteen hit day and a sixteen hit day, these days it’s more like …eh, 34 against 36…maybe. Anyway, the hit count is a distraction. The only way I see my hit count staying regularly high is to post regularly, and that’s another distraction.

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Under Close Examination

I thought I’d try this:


I have this Japanese magazine where the editors walked around different cities in Japan and stopped random people on the street.  Instead of asking them questions, they simply asked them to empty out and organize the contents of their wallets or purses for a photo.  They list only the owner’s name and city, with all other information omitted.

By looking at the contents of my wallet…well you can tell that I have absolutely no personality:

My wallet includes:

1 x Samsung card with homeplus membership card barcode sticker.

1 x KB Cashcard with, em, no money in the account.

1 x Woori Cashcard with, em, no money in the account.

(this is true, I’m broke and live off my credit cards – herself has the rest)

1 x Alien Registration Card

1 x Korean driving lisence

1 x Staff card the doubles as a Visa platinum card (how handy)

1 x GS Point card

1 x Shinsegae point card

1 x Bandi and Luni’s membership card

1 x discount card for Dublin Terrace in Gangnam

1 x Korean Teachers Credit Union membership card

1 x business card for a (apparently) very famous Haegum musician.

1 x business card for a travel agent that said he can help me get discounts for large groups that want to travel to Ireland…I never called.

An assortment of stamp cards for various restaurants and coffee shops around Suwon and Seoul

– A Touch of Spice, Jongno

– Kassam, Suwon

– Hollys Coffee

– The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

– Dunkin Donuts

– Angel-in-Us

– Platanus

Incidentaly, none of these have been used more than three times. Does that make me a better or worse person?

In anticipation of this happening to me again, I will carry a personal memoir, a well thumbed tourist map of the Medina in Fes, a collection of my poetry, and an old, frail and unused condom (still in wrapper) – that might give a better idea about who I am.

*Wouldn’t it be interesting if every scribbler in Korea stopped what they were doing right now and photographed the contents of their wallets, then posted it online?*