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Today, after much too-ing and fro-ing over the past month or so, I eventually deleted my facebook account. It was one of those things that I had to do; deactivating or just ignoring it just wouldn’t be enough, I had to remove myself from the entire world of it.

Being, as it is well known, very addictive and time consuming, for me I couldn’t just leave it there to just pop in  on occasionally. I tried doing that for a while but with any sign of idleness where I felt I was restraining myself to avoid it, I’d end up just drifting back to see what could be a less pointless way to spend my time. Being big-eyed and full of dreams, I’ve great plans for taking over the world, and facebook was just one of those things that got in my way of doing what I wanted to do.

Of course it’s not facebook’s actual fault, it really didn’t do anything wrong or do anything it said it wouldn’t. For many the privacy issue is a big deal (and even by deleting your account you can’t be guaranteed that your information is deleted), but perhaps the voyeurism on my part just messes with my head a little bit and I get the idea that I am in touch with people when all that I am in touch with is what they post on facebook and not what is actually happening in their lives, or in fact in anyone’s lives.

These faults that I have with facebook are no ones faults but my own. For example, I’ve spent so much time poking my noses in peoples pages that for some reason I feel that I know what is going on in a persons life. But there’s no  reason to even expect me understand anything about what people are doing with themselves just by a few likes and dislikes, what job they have and whether or not they make witty status updates. There are so many people who use facebook, and the three hundred or so who were my ‘friends’ are not even all avid users. In fact, the people who regularly open their page and actively use the website has grown smaller and smaller, leaving me to sit around waiting for them to open up and use the whole thing like I do as a gateway into my brain, or something pointless and irritating that has made me sit refreshing my home page for hours on end in the summer, winter,  spring and autumn.

I suppose I’m leaving myself open to be found, instead of waving my arms wildly in the air shouting, ‘I’m here, I’m here, look how great I am and all the great stuff I do and follow and, oh how many witticisms an hour I can come out with’ etc. Or something to that effect.

I suppose, I will either isolate myself or I will just stop caring. I suppose I am everywhere else these days and am easier to be found than before, and probably this has something to do with facebook. But here I have a genuine problem with facebook, and not one that toys with my vanity, among other things. I have problems with relying on one corporate website for sharing and spreading the world’s news, photos, friendships, events, loves, in fact practically everything is touched and ruled by facebook.

As a further to this, I went for a few drinks recently and not for the first time, the conversation turned to a topic related to the infamous book of faces. Somebody said something who said another thing to another person and then they all got pissed off because the written word isn’t as understandable as the spoken word because it lacks important tones such as sarcasm, humour, anger, desperation. This happens all the time, have a look at a website like if you want to see the problems with this device.

So, like a bitchy neighbour, not only does it know everything about us, it also acts as the one who helps to spread malicious rumours and excuses, while it chuckles as everyone comes running for more and more.

But aside from this little relevant rant, short of giving a psychological and sociological investigation of the goods and bads of facebook, most of my problems are my own, and I’ll solve them myself.

As I said in an email earlier today that I sent out to the majority of my facebook friends, at least the people I think who deserved a hello/goodbye message (because let’s be honest most people have many friends who just are facebook ‘friends’ and we don’t really care about the other people, and I mean what I say, I don’t really care about a lot of everything), “I have finally decided to delete my facebook account, and I’m going through with it. For more reasons that one, I’ve decided that I can do more with less. If you want to keep in touch, you can email me, or I’m also open to other traditional methods of communication, namely:

Homing pigeon
Face-to-face conversation
Song requests
I know I’ve met many of you over the years, and many of the times we’ve only been connected through facebook. This connection is a little to tenuous for me, among other reasons, and I think that relationships should be built on something a little stronger than a website. I’ll always say hello, and I’ll always do my best to be up for a pint.
As usual, I’ll try to continue talking shite here (yes here, this very web page,, and among other places, I might send an email with the odd link or whatnot. Don’t be afraid to drop by from time to time, or drop me a line, or whatever it is you do that helps you keep in touch. God knows I know I’ve forgotten how to.”Peace friends. Indeed, peace. Aaaand sleep.

Also, if you’re interested check out these links for some nice thought provoking anti-facebook reading:

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I went here to find out how to delete my facebook account.

…and in case you’re thinking I’m totally biased, you can visit if you want to open your own account. Why?

– At least 400 million people log onto their facebook account every month, 50% of whom log on daily.
– 70% of facebook account users are not from the United States
– Facebook is available in 70 languages
– Facebook is the second busiest website by traffic in the world.
– Facebook is valued between 8 and 11 Billion US$
– Psychologists (apparently) have identified ‘facebook addiction disorder’.
– In the Australian legal system (apparently) a facebook legal summons to court is legally binding.

(facts courtesy of