Dublin -v- Seoul

Dublin – 988 AD
Seoul – 1394 AD

Dublin – 114.99 km2
Seoul – 605.25 km2

Dublin – 525,380
Seoul – 10,464,051

Dublin – 4,398/km2
Seoul – 17,288.8/km2

Population of metropolitan area
Dublin – 1,801,040
Seoul – 23,616,000

Dublin – Dub, Dubliner
Seoul – Seoulite, 서울시민(Seoul simin)

Ethnicty of population
Dublin – 90.85% White (81.25% White Irish, 9.23% White Other, 0.37% Irish Traveller), 3.34% Asian/Asian Irish, 1.12% Black/Black Irish, 1.47% Bi-Racial/Other, 3.22% Not Stated
Seoul – 285,618 foreigners registered in city at end of 2011 (186,631 of these were citizens of the People’s Republic of China with Korean ethnicity)

Administrative Divisions
Dublin – Unicameral area with 13 electoral divisions
Seoul – 25 districts or gu, divided in 522 neighbourhoods or dong.

Dublin – Liffey, Dodder (south bank), Tolka (north bank)
Seoul – Han, Jungnangcheon (north bank), Tancheon (south bank)

Number of Bridges Crossing Major River
River Liffey (Dublin) – 17
River Han (Seoul) – 26

Public Transport
Dublin – Luas (2 lines), DART (1 line), Irish Rail Commuter (4 lines) Dublin Bus (172 routes), two major inter-city train stations, one bus station, over 16,000 taxis.
Seoul – Subway/Metro (14 lines) Seoul Bus (653 routes c. 2006) four main train stations, plus numerous smaller stations, six bus stations, over 23,000 taxis

Other Cities Named After:

Dublin – 15
Seoul – 0

UNESCO Honours:
Dublin – City of Literature
Seoul – City of Design, Jongmyo and Changdeokgung world heritage sites

Global Cities Ranking (2010):
Dublin – 44
Seoul – 10

Cities Twinned With:
Dublin – Barcelona, Spain; Liverpool, United Kingdom; San Jose, California, United States of America; Beijing, The People’s Republic of China
Seoul – Ankara, Turkey; Astana, Kazakhstan; Athens, Greece; Bangkok, Thailand; Beijing, China; Bogotá, Columbia; Cairo, Egypt; Guam, U.S.A.; Hanoi, Vietnam; Honolulu, U.S.A.; Islamabad, Pakistan; Bumiayu, Indonesia; Mumbai, India; Moscow, Russia; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; San Fracisco, U.S.A.; São Paulo, Brazil; Sydney, Australia; Taipei, Taiwan; Tokyo, Japan; Ulaanbator, Mongolia; Warsaw, Poland; Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of interesting statistics on drugs, alcohol, and other aspects which define a society available for Dublin or Seoul. These statistics appear to be only available on a national level.

For alcohol consumption rates of Korea and Ireland please follow this Wikipedia link where plenty of details available in the references section.

For drug usage reports and statistics from Ireland visit drugsandalcohol.ie for comprehensive analysis. There appear to be no reports or information available on Seoul or Korea in English.

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Letter from Korea, September 2011.

Suwon, Korea

Dear Ireland,

You may not know this but Koreans are known as the Irish of the east. I didn’t know this until a while after I arrived here first in 2005. Of course, when I was young and heard the main reason why I thought it was great and I looked forward to challenging this accolade to the best of my ability; could Koreans out-drink me, a then twenty-three year old post-university drifter who had ended up in Korea with the promise of earning enough money to travel around the world. The fact that I never made it past Malaysia is beyond the point.

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