Keeping the Whole Gig Local: HBC Fest, the Street, and the Reason We Can Afford to Put the Thing On in the First Place!

For as long as I can remember the HBC Fest has been seen as the next Glastonbury or Woodstock (the original one of course) with oceans of people, great bands, free love, and a safe environment in which to experience the acts on show. Of course the HBC Fest provides all of these, however the festival’s biggest problem these days is that most people aren’t particularly interested in the environment provided and tend to congregate on the streets.

Now, never let it be said that I’m not a fan of banter, believe me I love it! You will see me, that is if you recognise me, enjoying plenty of banter on the day on the street or in a bar or wherever it is you may find my self to be. How and ever, it has become a bit of a problem this whole globalised banter addiction phenomenon, especially when there is a loads of open space nearby which is actually in fact, an busy street. I’m talking about the quantity of punters who do be on the streets having ‘a laugh’, and as I said in The Three Wise Monkeys article, trying to raise their chin’s higher than the person they are talking to. The HBC Fest is turning into a street party more than a music festival. Continue reading